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Korean Painting Package
  • Korean Painting Package

    먹물 (Ink)€10.00
    민화 순지 (Minhwa paper)€15.00
    수묵화 화선지 (Ink paper * 50)                        €15.00
    채색 파레트 (Color pallate)€10.00
    채색 붓 (Color brush * 2)€13.00
    사군자 붓 (Line brush)€15.00
    세필 붓 (Fineline brush)€10.00
    딱딱한 종이 (Hard paper)€4.00
    국제 특송비 (EMS)€20.00
    합계 (total)€112.00



    Most of our materials are from Korea, execpt two color brushes.

    Because of the shipping cost from Korea to Europe, we charge 20 euros.


    Our paper, Hanji (made from mulberry tree) is special paper made in Korea.

    It is very high quality papers. Minhwa paper is coated by lacquer in order to be ready to be painted.


    We have a small gift, a bookmark for earlybirds.


    *For now, you can order this package by sending email here :

      € 112,00Price
      Excluding VAT
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